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Drink to your health to the very last drop with our supernatural Alkaline artesian mineral water! Packed with natural Electrolytes, it is geologically captured and earth-filtered inside the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia, Canada, seeping through layers of rock to an untouched underground aquifer, along the way acquiring the rock mineral characteristics.


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Water is considered as the choice for daily hydration as it does not add any calories to diets, especially as public challenges linked to obesity in the world are increasing. Bottled water is the healthiest packaged beverage thanks to its absence of calories, its controlled origins, its outstanding quality, its taste and convenience.

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We work hard to provide our clients with delicious and purified H2O Mineral water from the Canadian Rockies. The H2O Beverages Team knows that in order to achieve your health goals, you need to drink water with all the natural minerals your body needs every day. Our team is dedicated to delivering our H2O beverages to our customers.